Green PVC Chain Link Fencing Mesh is very popular fencing mesh used for gardens, recreation areas, schools, sports grounds and pathways. Our Plastic-Coated Chain Link Fence is made of high quality PVC coated wire.  The inner wire is galvanized wire.  It is very useful products for beautifying urban environment and well protect from corrosion.  The design and sizes will be according to customers’ requirements.


Option A B C D
Wire diameter 2.24mm 2.50mm 2.70mm 3.00mm
Coated diameter 3.15mm 3.55mm 4.50mm 5.00mm

Width:                   1000/1500/1800/2000/2500/3000mm

Length:                  Upon customer requests

Mesh ranges:      50mm x 50mm; 60mm x 60mm; 80mm x 80mm

Color:                     Generally green color.

Features:               Simple and convenient installation, long usage life, beautiful appearance with various colors.

Applications:       Applicable to buildings, stadiums fences, highway fences, workshops, gardens, schools, sport fields, warehouse partitions, slopes    protection, highways, parks, construction site fence,  security fencing, etc.